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2024 Industrial Decorative PET Felt Acoustic Pendant Lamp 2024 Industrial Decorative PET Felt Acoustic Pendant Lamp

2024 Industrial Decorative PET Felt Acoustic Pendant Lamp

Product Description

Introducing our innovative take on the traditional lampshade, reimagined to make a bold impact in any office space. This pendant luminaire combines an elegant design with high-quality materials, resulting in a visually captivating lighting fixture that also enhances work comfort by absorbing ambient noise. The bell-shaped form, featuring ribbed panels crafted from PET Felt, lends the shade a sophisticated and spacious appearance, creating a delightful room ambiance. Furthermore, the wide light distribution angle ensures even illumination throughout expansive areas, offering efficient and glare-free lighting that is gentle on the eyes.

Advantages of our Acoustic Pendant Lights:

  1. Dual function: Our acoustic lighting is designed for larger open plan environments that require optimal sound absorption and ample lighting, ensuring a harmonious and functional space.

  2. Sleek design: Our Acoustic Pendant Lights boast a minimalistic design that enhances any interior aesthetic, seamlessly integrating into various design styles.

  3. Customizable colors: Available in a range of colors, our Acoustic Pendant Lights allow you to choose the perfect hue to suit your space’s ambiance, offering vibrant and energizing shades or calm and serene tones.

    acoustic ceiling board

soundproof polyester lampacoustic felt


Acoustic Pendant Lights find practical applications in offices, educational institutions, hospitality venues, and homes, providing both functional and aesthetic benefits.

Installation Guide:

  1. Ensure safety by switching off the power supply before installation.

  2. Drill holes and mount the ceiling disk to form the base for attaching the Acoustic Pendant Lights fixture.

  3. Attach the ceiling cap and adjust cables to the desired height, ensuring the fixture is level and properly positioned.

  4. Connect to the power supply and double-check all connections before switching on the power.

With these steps, you can enjoy the benefits of your newly installed acoustic lighting.

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