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Eco-Friendly Wooden Salt Acoustic Panels Modern Style Eco-Friendly Wooden Salt Acoustic Panels Modern Style

Eco-Friendly Wooden Salt Acoustic Panels Modern Style

Product Description

Introducing our Soundproofing Wooden Slat Acoustic Panel, a remarkable fusion of PET felt acoustic panel and MDF wood slats. Crafted with high-density polyester fiber acoustic panels as the base, the finish of the acoustical slat panel can be tailored to your preferences. These handcrafted slatted panels are simple to install on walls or ceilings, adding a modern, soothing, and relaxing touch to interior decor.

Product Description

Standard size: 2400/2700*600

Thickness: 21.5mm or customizable

Finish options: Melamine, Veneer, Painting

Material: MDF + Polyester Fiber

Pattern: MDF 27mm, Edge to edge 13mm or customizable

Function: Sound absorption, Interior decoration

NRC: 0.85~0.94, SGS tested for polyester panel

Color choices: oak, walnut, smoke grey, and more

Installation: Glue, Screw

Product Features

Visual appeal: The MDF Wood Groove Wall Panel is visually appealing and instantly enhances the look of any interior wall or ceiling. Whether you prefer contemporary-style walls or want to open up a dark space with a light-colored ceiling, a wood slat panel can bring your design vision to life.

Environmentally friendly: Our acoustic panels are made from environmentally friendly materials from responsible sources around the world.

Easy to install: Installing the wood slat wall panel on black felt backing is simple, making it the perfect off-the-shelf wall paneling solution for DIY home improvement projects. All you need to do is screw the panels directly into the wall through the recycled felt backing. You can also use construction adhesive or gripper glue to adhere the panels to the wall.

Easy maintenance: Maintaining the natural oak or natural walnut acoustic slat wood wall panels is also a breeze. Sweep a duster over the panels every few days or vacuum them at your convenience. To remove stains, dip a soft-bristled brush into water and ph-neutral soap, then clean in gentle circular motions.

Sound buffering: The wood slat wall panel helps dampen sound for a stylish, quiet space. When you install the panels with batons, you can achieve class sound absorption.

Product Installation


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