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Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panel With Excellent Performance

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In the field of acoustic design, polyester fiber sound-absorbing board is one of the common sound-absorbing materials. This article will introduce the characteristics, working principle and application field of polyester fiber sound-absorbing board in detail.

Material structure:

Polyester fiber sound-absorbing board is made of fine polyester fiber filaments through high-tech hot pressing, which is naturally porous and usually presents a uniform and dense fiber structure, which can replace harmful traditional sound-absorbing boards such as sponge, glass wool and rock wool.

Common specifications:

Width: 1220mm

Length: 2420mm

Thickness: 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 24mm

Material characteristics:

1. Efficient and stable sound absorption performance

The working principle of polyester fiber sound-absorbing board is based on the absorption and scattering of sound waves. When the sound wave hits the surface of the sound-absorbing board, part of the sound energy is absorbed by the fiber material and converted into tiny, and converted into heat energy through friction. At the same time, the fiber structure of the sound-absorbing board will also scatter part of the sound wave, causing it to reflect multiple times, thereby extending the propagation path of the sound wave in the material and increasing the energy loss. This absorption and scattering effect jointly reduces the reverberation of the sound and the diffusion of noise. The highest sound absorption coefficient in the noise range of 125~4000HZ reaches more than 0.8.


2. Uniform material insulation

The overall texture of polyester fiber sound-absorbing board is solid and wear-resistant, not easy to be scratched or scratched, and full of elasticity. It is precisely because of its characteristics that polyester fiber sound-absorbing board has a very good performance in heat insulation and sound absorption, and can maintain its sound absorption performance for a long time.

3. Easy material processing and diverse design

Polyester fiber sound-absorbing board is easy to cut and process, and can be adjusted in shape and size as needed. The surface finishing groove can be customized with a variety of pattern arrangements, and the patterns that can be combined are countless, which can be freely combined according to everyone's preferences or needs.

4. Excellent environmental protection and fire resistance

Polyester fiber sound-absorbing board is widely used in public places such as gymnasiums, cinemas, and auditoriums. As we all know, these public places have very strict requirements on fire resistance and environmental protection, and polyester fiber sound-absorbing board fully meets national fire protection standards and environmental protection. The combustion performance reaches B1 level and the environmental protection performance reaches E1 level.

acoustic art panels

As an important part of acoustic design, polyester fiber sound-absorbing panels have become an ideal choice for acoustic improvement in various places due to their excellent sound absorption performance and wide application fields. Whether it is a conference room, theater, recording studio or other places, polyester fiber sound-absorbing panels can create a high-quality acoustic environment for people and provide a comfortable and high-quality listening experience.

Welcome to our Acoustic Design Company, where we specialize in transforming soundscapes into immersive experiences.

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