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Environmentally Friendly Polyester Acoustic Pet Desk Panels Environmentally Friendly Polyester Acoustic Pet Desk Panels

Environmentally Friendly Polyester Acoustic Pet Desk Panels

Product Description

Enhance Focus and Privacy in Your Workspace with Pet Acoustic Dividers

Reduce Distractions, Boost Productivity

Disruptions and visual clutter in busy offices can significantly hinder employee focus. Pet Acoustic Privacy Dividers offer a premium solution by creating physical barriers that block sight lines from colleagues. This minimizes distractions, demonstrably improving efficiency and overall work performance.

Privacy Meets Collaboration

Our Workspace Dividers provide superior privacy and noise reduction, fostering a quieter and more focused environment.  However, collaboration remains a priority. These dividers can be customized with features like integrated whiteboards or bulletin boards, facilitating seamless teamwork and idea exchange among colleagues.

Craft a Functional and Stimulating Workspace

Our acoustic panels are the ideal tools for creating a functional and enjoyable work environment. They combine practicality with style, offering a variety of features and benefits to optimize your workspace for employee satisfaction.

Unleash a Spectrum of Color Options

Choose from a vibrant palette of 20 colors to seamlessly integrate the dividers with your office's décor. These dividers not only excel in sound absorption, but also add a touch of personality and visual stimulation to your workspace.

Experience Superior Noise Control

Designed for areas prone to echo, Pet Acoustic Privacy Dividers effectively mitigate reverberation and noise. This fosters a quieter and more focused work environment, allowing employees to concentrate on their tasks without interruptions, leading to increased efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Sleek Design for Modern Workspaces

Pet Acoustic Privacy Dividers are meticulously crafted, prioritizing both style and functionality. Offered in a range of elegant designs and colors, you can select the option that perfectly complements your office's interior aesthetic. Whether you prefer a modern minimalist look or a more dynamic and colorful style, our dividers can be customized to suit your preferences.

Invest in a Transformed Workspace

Investing in our versatile and functional Pet Acoustic Privacy Dividers is an investment in a transformed workspace. These dividers create a productive and personalized environment for your employees. Contact our team today to explore our comprehensive selection and find the perfect fit for your office. Experience the benefits of enhanced privacy, improved focus, and a visually appealing work area.

Simplified Installation Guide

Precise Mounting: For optimal stability, meticulously mark the center point on both sides of your desk. Ensure secure and centered placement by positioning the mounting points 12 inches from the edge.

Panel Separation: Carefully detach the two sections of the divider panel.

Secure First Panel Mounting: Using appropriate mounting hardware (not included) compatible with your desk surface, securely attach one side of the panel to the underside of your desk.

Attach Second Panel: Once the under-mount panel section is securely fastened, attach the second section of the panel. Ensure the gaskets are inserted into their designated slots for stability and vibration reduction. Loosely connect the second panel section using the machine screws.

Desk Screen Positioning: Carefully position your desk screen between the two sections of the panel, ensuring it's properly aligned and centered within the panel.

Tightening the Screws: Begin tightening the machine screws into the panel, securing the desk screen in place. Use the appropriate tools to tighten the screws for a snug fit without over-tightening.


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