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Stylish Drop Ceiling Tiles felt Acoustic Ceiling Baffles Stylish Drop Ceiling Tiles felt Acoustic Ceiling Baffles
Stylish Drop Ceiling Tiles felt Acoustic Ceiling Baffles Stylish Drop Ceiling Tiles felt Acoustic Ceiling Baffles
Stylish Drop Ceiling Tiles felt Acoustic Ceiling Baffles Stylish Drop Ceiling Tiles felt Acoustic Ceiling Baffles

Stylish Drop Ceiling Tiles felt Acoustic Ceiling Baffles

Product Description

Product Introduction

These acoustic ceiling modules produce a zigzag configuration, which results in a wave-like effect due to their slanted width. The baffles fit together seamlessly and offer focused acoustic enhancement thanks to the material’s properties. The baffles can either form a continuous, unbroken surface or be cut down to smaller squares, accommodating the design requirements. Furthermore, for larger projects, incorporating additional options allows for comprehensive solutions that optimize value while reducing environmental impact.

Product Specification

Material 100% polyester fiber
Size 1220mmx2420mm
Thickness 9mm/12mm/24mm
Density 1200g-3700g/㎡
Edge square or beveled
Eco-Friendly Class E1
Permanent flame retardant Can meet ASTM E84-2016

111213Product Features

Acoustic Efficiency
The material effectively mitigates the disruptive noises of everyday life, such as ringing, typing, and chatter, creating a more agreeable and efficient environment. It collaborates with the design to minimize and manage echoes, making a positive impact across various spaces, from assembly halls to conference rooms.

Vibrant Color Options
Select from an extensive palette of colors and wood grain patterns. Combine colors to highlight the fins and complement the color scheme of your area.

Predesigned Configurations
The modules can be reduced to as few as four fin intersections. With the help of our adjustable hangers, you can easily specify standard modules that can be readily adjusted on-site to accommodate expected and unexpected conditions during installation.

Seamless Baffle Design
Featuring a concealed fin-to-fin alignment system, it offers uninterrupted coverage across your space in all directions. Additionally, optional hanging points provide installers with the ability to fine-tune the installation. Our custom-formulated material thickness and density ensure structural integrity and minimize sagging.

Easy Integration in Plan
The open structure of the design facilitates the integration of systems located above or below the modules. The removable fins and open framework allow for convenient access to lights, HVAC, rigging points, plumbing, AV equipment, and life safety systems, making maintenance tasks straightforward for your team.

Product Application

  1. Office Spaces: Reduces noise interference in open-plan offices, private offices, and collaborative areas, enhancing concentration and productivity.

  2. Meeting and Event Halls: Controls sound reflections in large venues to ensure that speeches, presentations, and performances are clearly heard by all attendees.

  3. Retail and Commercial Areas: Minimizes ambient noise in stores, malls, and restaurants, providing a better shopping and dining experience for customers.

  4. Educational Institutions: Improves the learning environment in schools and universities by reducing classroom noise and maintaining focus during lessons.

  5. Entertainment Venues: Enhances the auditory experience in theaters, cinemas, and concert halls by controlling echoes and improving sound clarity.26789

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