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High Density Polyester Fiber Hanging PET Acoustic Lampshade High Density Polyester Fiber Hanging PET Acoustic Lampshade
High Density Polyester Fiber Hanging PET Acoustic Lampshade High Density Polyester Fiber Hanging PET Acoustic Lampshade

High Density Polyester Fiber Hanging PET Acoustic Lampshade

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Product Description

Product Introduction 

At our company, we understand the importance of creating environments that promote well-being and productivity. That's why we have carefully curated a selection of top-quality lighting technologies and acoustic products to enhance your space. By combining optimal sound quality with the right lighting, you can create a harmonious atmosphere that supports the health and happiness of your team. Our range of solutions offers versatility and functionality, allowing you to customize your space to meet specific needs. Whether it's an office or a collaborative workspace, we have the perfect blend of lighting and acoustic comfort for you.

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Product Advantage 

Control ambient noise: PET Acoustic Lampshade fixtures have gained popularity as a practical solution to control ambient noise in open office spaces. By incorporating noise-absorption materials on the sides, these fixtures effectively reduce unwanted sound, creating a more peaceful and focused work environment.

Aesthetic and functional design: Our PET Acoustic Lampshadefixtures go beyond functionality with their beautiful designs. They seamlessly blend into any workspace, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication. With clean lines and contemporary aesthetics, these fixtures enhance the overall visual appeal of your office while improving the acoustic experience.

Sustainable materials: We are committed to sustainability. That's why most of our PET Acoustic Lampshade fixtures are made from 100% polyester, with at least 55% recycled (PET) content. By choosing our PET acoustic series products, you not only contribute to reducing waste but also promote a healthier environment.

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Product Applications

Educational Facilities:
- Enhanced learning environments: Educational facilities often experience high levels of noise, which can hinder concentration and learning. The Acoustic Collection provides a practical solution by effectively absorbing noise, creating a more focused and productive atmosphere for students and teachers alike.
- Customizable designs: We understand the importance of aesthetics in educational spaces. The Acoustic Collection offers a wide range of customizable designs, allowing you to match the lighting fixtures with the overall interior design of classrooms, libraries, or lecture halls.

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 Product Operate Guide

Step 1: Safety first! Always switch off the power supply to prevent accidents during installation.

Step 2: With a drill, create three holes in the ceiling or desired mounting surface. Keep a distance of 220mm between each hole for balanced positioning.

Step 3: Insert plugs into the drilled holes. Screw the ceiling mount disk tightly into the plugs, creating a sturdy foundation.

Step 4: Insert the steel cable into the ceiling cap. Securely mount the ceiling cap onto the ceiling mount disk, ensuring stability and proper alignment.

Step 5: Utilize the cable adjusters to fine-tune the height of the fixture. Carefully adjust the steel cables until the acoustic lighting is positioned at the desired height.

Step 6: Connect the lamp to the power supply, ensuring all connections are secure. Switch on the power and marvel at the beautiful illumination provided by your newly installed PET Acoustic Lampshade . You're all set to enjoy the enhanced ambiance!

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