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Features of Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panel

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Compared with other sound-absorbing materials, polyester fiber sound-absorbing panels are more suitable for modern home use. They not only have the decorative properties of sound-absorbing soft bags, but also have the sound-absorbing properties of sound-absorbing panels. They are a neutralizing material for soft bags and panels. Compared with traditional sound-absorbing materials, their advantages are reflected in the following points:

01 Sound absorption

Similar to the sound absorption characteristics of other porous materials, the sound absorption coefficient of polyester fiber sound-absorbing panels increases with the increase of sound frequency. The sound absorption coefficient of high frequencies is large. The sound absorption coefficient is greater than 0.8 in the noise range of 125-4000HZ, which effectively removes sound impurities, improves sound effects, and improves language clarity.

Among them, the spatial sound absorber greatly improves the sound absorption performance of the material and is a high-efficiency sound absorber with a wide frequency band. It is widely used in places with high requirements for acoustics, such as theaters, concert halls, indoor gymnasiums, conference rooms, HVs, hotels, and home audio-visual rooms.


02 Independence and convenience

No need for sound-absorbing cotton, decorative panels, or even auxiliary materials. You can achieve the desired sound-absorbing and decorative effects through simple basic operations such as gluing, drilling, planing, and ruthenium. Reduce the overall project cost and construction period.

acoustic wood ceiling

03 Physical properties

Polyester fiber sound-absorbing board is a kind of fiber similar to clothing, which has the characteristics of heat insulation. After forming the board, it also has the characteristics of elasticity, toughness, wear resistance, impact resistance, tear resistance, not easy to scratch, and large board width (domestic standard size: 122*242CM).acoustic felt wall tiles

04 Ease of cleaning

Easy to remove dust and simple maintenance. Dust and impurities can be flicked with a vacuum cleaner and a duster. Dirty places can also be wiped with a towel, water and detergent.

felt for acoustic panels

05 Lightweight

Polyester fiber sound-absorbing board is processed and produced with 100% polyester fiber as raw material, and the sound-absorbing board made from it has dense and interconnected pores of different sizes, and the appearance is like cocoon cotton. This kind of sound-absorbing panel is very light. It is no exaggeration to say that it is the lightest among all sound-absorbing products. The domestic standard size is 122*242CM, the regular thickness is 8MM/9MM, and the general weight is about 3~5kg.acoustic foam home theater

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