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3D Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panel -- Different Patterns

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3D Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panel

Part One -- Material Composition

Polyester Resin:The main component of 3D polyester board is polyester resin, which is a synthetic resin typically obtained through polyesterification reactions. This resin exhibits good mechanical properties and chemical stability.

Glass Fiber Reinforcement: To enhance the strength and rigidity of the board, glass fiber and other reinforcement materials are commonly added to the polyester resin, forming a composite material structure.

Part Two -- Manufacturing Process

3D Structure: Unlike traditional flat structure boards, 3D polyester boards have a three-dimensional structure achieved through special manufacturing processes. Common manufacturing methods include injection molding, laminating, and composite molding.

Mold Design: Precision-designed molds are required to manufacture 3D polyester boards to ensure the final product has the desired shape and structure.

Part Three -- Characteristics and Advantages

  • High Strength and Rigidity: With the addition of materials like glass fiber reinforcement, 3D polyester boards exhibit superior strength and rigidity, making them excel in load-bearing and deformation resistance.

  • Chemical Resistance: Polyester resin possesses excellent chemical resistance, making 3D polyester boards suitable for harsh environmental conditions such as chemical plants and laboratories.

  • Lightweight: Compared to some metal materials, 3D polyester boards are typically lightweight, facilitating handling and installation.

  • Electrical Insulation: Polyester resin offers good electrical insulation properties, enabling 3D polyester boards to be widely used in insulation structures for electrical equipment.

Part Four -- Application Areas

  • Construction: 3D polyester boards can be used to manufacture lightweight structural building materials such as roofing and wall panels.

  • Chemical Industry: Due to their chemical resistance, they are suitable for manufacturing chemical equipment and tanks.

  • Electrical Industry: As electrical insulation materials, they can be used to manufacture enclosures and isolation structures for electrical equipment.

  • Transportation: Because of their lightweight and good strength, they can be used for components in automobiles and ships.

Part Five -- Magic Cube's 3D Acoustic Panel

1. Acr Pattern: The size is 450*594mm or 450*900mm, and the thickness is 70mm.


Polyester Fiber Sound Absorption

2. Square Pattern:Different sizes and thicknesses for you to choose from.

1 (9)1 (10)1 (12)1 (11)1 (13)1 (15)

3. X Small Module: The size is 432*380mm, and the thickness is 30mm.

1 (1)14102

4. Triangle Pattern

3d wall panels3d acoustic wall panelspatterned felt material

5. Hexagon Pattern: Different sizes and thicknesses for you to choose from.

1 (5)1 (7)1 (6)

6. Shell Pattern

1 (2)shell shape PET pane-2shell shape PET pane-10

Overall, 3D polyester boards are a versatile material suitable for multiple industries, and their characteristics make them a popular choice for structural materials!

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